Ô Amazon Missions

Rivers from the Sky: A Pledge to Preserve

In the heart of the verdant Amazon, Ô Amazon Global Corporation breathes life into a mission that transcends mere water production. Envisioned not just as a company but as a custodian of the earth, its core mission intertwines the essence of innovation with the sanctity of nature. As the world's sole harvester of the Amazon's aerial rivers, Ô Amazon pioneers in extracting the purest water, a testament to its commitment to environmental excellence and quality. Yet, its ambition soars higher than the treetops.

With every drop of water drawn from the air, the company pledges allegiance to the forest that cradles humanity's most precious resource. Protecting the Amazon's lush expanse is not just a responsibility but the lifeblood of Ô Amazon. It champions a 360-degree approach, harmonizing economic pursuits with the profound reverence for the intricate web of life that the forest represents. The company's heartbeat is synchronized with the forest's rhythm, ensuring every step forward in innovation is a leap towards preserving the Amazon's majesty. In this symbiotic journey, Ô Amazon stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to what businesses can achieve when they align with the greater, greener good of the planet.

Green Futures: The Ô Amazon Socio-Environmental Initiative

The Ô AMAZON Corp. Socio-Environmental Investment Fund is a voluntary initiative entrenched in the administrative framework of our corporation. A portion of the profits garnered from the sales of our products is allocated to sponsor projects that foster sustainable development in the Amazon region we operate in or any other location mirroring our purpose. The NATURAL REACTION Project is tasked with the institutional curation of the concept applied to the projects funded and oversees the execution of the proposed initiatives. The allocation of funds to these projects is under the purview of the Ô AMAZON Corp. administrative council and is determined during the fiscal year-end financial review.

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Forest Guardians: The Ô Amazon Corp. Preservation Initiative

The "Guardians Project" is inspired by the "Soldier-Citizen Project" (SCP), part of the Assistance and Cooperation Program of the Armed Forces to Civil Society under the Ministry of Defense. This project aims to provide professional qualification to temporary military personnel, especially those in need or at social risk, enhancing their prospects in the job market post-military service. It involves collaboration between military organizations and civilian vocational training entities, including those within the "S System" (SENAI - SENAC - SENAT - SENAR). Our company engages in the registration, recycling, training, and upskilling of these individuals for employment within our social framework. We also aim to offer the market the specialized services that these professionals are trained in, harnessing their operational and technical expertise to protect and preserve the forest. This project underscores the importance of a concerted, skilled effort to safeguard our precious forest, ensuring its health and vitality for generations to come.

Preserving Paradise: The Shield of Amazonas

Spanning 1.5 million square meters, the Ô Amazon Corp. concession in Barcelos, Amazonas, is an expanse vigilantly monitored, protected, and preserved. This area retains its pristine natural characteristics, thanks to an advanced technological monitoring system and a specialized team ready to address any arising preservation needs. Our legal team is always on standby, prepared for any legal actions necessary to defend this vital area's integrity.