Frequently Asked Question

1) What is Ô Amazon Air Water?
Ô Amazon Air Water is a luxury bottled water, harvested directly from the Amazon Rainforest's airborne moisture using sustainable, innovative technology. It epitomizes purity and taste, offering a unique hydration experience. This brand is not just about premium water; it's a commitment to environmental preservation and social responsibility, with sales contributing to the Amazon's conservation. Ô Amazon stands for exclusive quality, blending luxury with a conscience for global patrons.

2) Why choose Ô Amazon Air Water?
Choosing Ô Amazon Air Water means selecting unparalleled purity and sustainability. Harvested from the Amazon's aerial rivers using eco-friendly technology, it offers a unique, luxurious hydration experience. Beyond its exquisite taste, Ô Amazon is deeply committed to environmental conservation and social responsibility, dedicating profits to preserve the rainforest and support local communities. It's not just water; it's a statement of luxury, ethics, and a pledge to the planet's future.

3) How is Ô Amazon water sustainable?
Ô Amazon Air Water exemplifies sustainability by harvesting water vapor from the Amazon Rainforest using renewable energy, minimizing environmental impact. This process ensures a sustainable water source without depleting groundwater or disturbing natural habitats. Additionally, the company invests in eco-friendly packaging and contributes a portion of its profits to conservation efforts and community development in the Amazon, making every bottle a step towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

4) Why Ô Amazon Air Water is so expensive?
Ô Amazon Air Water's premium pricing reflects its unique source, sustainable harvesting methods, and the extensive process required to capture and bottle the atmospheric moisture of the Amazon Rainforest. The use of renewable energy sources and eco-friendly packaging, along with the company's commitment to social and environmental initiatives, further contribute to its value. Each purchase supports conservation efforts and community development, making it not just a luxury product but an investment in the planet's future and the well-being of its inhabitants.

5) Where can I purchase Ô Amazon Air Water?
It's available in select luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, and through this website. We cater to discerning customers who appreciate the finest water. For Wholesales inquires, please visit the link at the footer of the website.

6) Are there different varieties of Ô Amazon Air Water?
Yes, we offer several exclusive editions, including Onça Pintada and Vitória Régia, each presented in artistically designed bottles that celebrate the essence of the Amazon.

7) Can Ô Amazon water improve my health?
While we don't make health claims, our water's purity and natural composition make it an excellent choice for hydration and well-being.

8) How does Ô Amazon support local communities?
Ô Amazon Air Water actively supports local communities through its Forest Guardians Project, which focuses on employment, training, and sustainable development initiatives within the Amazon region. By investing in socio-environmental projects, Ô Amazon fosters economic growth and environmental stewardship, enhancing the quality of life for local residents. The company's commitment extends beyond water production, aiming to create a positive impact by providing resources, education, and opportunities that empower communities and preserve their natural and cultural heritage.

9) Is Ô Amazon Air Water carbon-neutral?
Yes. Our operations are powered by renewable energy sources, emphasizing our commitment to carbon neutrality and environmental stewardship.

10) Can I use Ô Amazon water in fine dining?
You definitely should. Its exceptional purity enhances the flavor of gourmet dishes and fine wines, making it a preferred choice for sommeliers and chefs.

11) What is the company’s mission?
To offer the world's most exclusive water while fostering environmental preservation and social responsibility, bridging luxury with sustainability.

12) Are there any collaborations with other luxury brands?
Yes, we partner with select luxury brands to create unique, limited editions that celebrate the convergence of high-end design and sustainability.

13) What is the company’s vision for the future?
We aim to lead in the luxury water market by continuing to innovate and expand globally, while maintaining our commitment to the Amazon rainforest, the planet and its people.

14) How can I become a distributor?
Interested parties can contact us by email at: We’re selective, partnering with those who share our values and commitment to excellence.

15) Where does the company see itself in 5 years?
We envision a broader global presence, with Ô Amazon Air Water becoming synonymous with sustainable luxury, supporting more environmental and social initiatives worldwide. Join us on this mission.

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