In the world of fine water, Ô Amazon Water stands as a beacon of purity, sustainability, and unparalleled taste. Our dedication to delivering an exquisite hydration experience is matched only by our commitment to offering exceptional value to those who wish to share this experience more broadly. Whether for upscale events, discerning clientele in hospitality, or as a refined addition to retail collections, our wholesale process is designed with your needs in mind.

Tailored for Excellence
Understanding that each drop of our fine water is as precious as the moments it accompanies, we've tailored our wholesale process to align with your highest expectations:
- Minimum Order: Dive into the world of luxury with a minimum order of just 16 bottles, scaling up in multiples of 8 to meet your exact needs, whether that be 24, 32, or even 64+ bottles.
- Shipping Precision: Depending on the scale of your order, shipping times range from a swift 1 week to a maximum of 2 weeks, ensuring that your experience with us is as seamless and efficient as the water we provide.
- Buyer-Friendly Terms: To afford you the greatest flexibility, shipping charges will be conveniently assumed by the buyer, allowing for a clear and straightforward purchasing process.

Exceptional Value Awaits
Perhaps the most compelling aspect of our wholesale offering is the potential for savings. Qualifying orders can enjoy a price reduction of over 30% off the MSRP, presenting an exceptional opportunity to stock up on or resell Ô Amazon Water while enjoying significant savings. This advantage makes our wholesale option not just a purchase but a wise investment in quality, luxury, and sustainability.

How to Proceed
Embarking on this journey towards enhanced hydration and elevated savings is as simple as filling out the form below. Submit your inquiry, and our dedicated team will respond within 24 hours, ready to assist you in customizing an order that perfectly aligns with your desires and requirements.

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