The Most Expensive Water Brands In The World

The Most Expensive Water Brands In The World


By harnessing the so-called “flying rivers” of the Amazon rainforest, Ô Amazon brings some of the best bottled water to the world. Their patented technology harvests water produced by the trees, and they use the profits to sponsor projects focused on sustainable development and preservation of the area. Their typical bottle sells for around $83, but a collaboration with artist Duda Penteado has created some of the most expensive bottles of water in the world.

Ô Amazon Bird of Revelation – $2,784 per liter

Water is one of the defining characteristics of Earth. It’s the driving force behind nearly every aspect of life and without it, almost everything we know would cease to exist.
The lengths people will go to for the best water in the world are seemingly limitless. Whether it’s scouring the most remote islands, harvesting giant icebergs, or sucking the water directly out of the Amazon rainforest’s air, the creativity just doesn’t stop.
Against intuition, some of the most expensive water bottles in the world don’t focus on what is contained within. Instead, they bring together a creative touch with extravagant materials such as diamonds and other precious gems to create valuable works of art.

Whatever the source, the best bottled water brands available today all bring something special to the table.

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